Service Listing

Name Description
 Analog TV StaticGenerates white noise in an analog TV like fashion, including audio
 Anti Bot RedirectorSimple URL encrypter to prevent Reddit Bots from detecting the URL type and responding to your comments
 Blue ball machineAnimated image of a machine that repeats in all directions
 Crawler trapThis site traps Web-crawlers
 DLL FinderIs an application missing a DLL file? Search no further!
 Old C# ProjectsSome very old C# projects. Some might still come in handy. Beware of terrible user interface
 OpenSSL commandsCollection of commonly used OpenSSL commands
 Password safety checkChecks a password against a list of 14 million passwords
 Ping testPings your public IP address and reports the results back in text format
 Public FTP serverFTP Server with modern user interface
 Public IPShows your public IP, nothing more or less
 SubmachinePoint and click Puzzle game (no death, no time limit, no traps). Not made by me
 T-Rex RunnerA game I extracted from the Chromium source code. Works on Chrome only
 TLS VerifierAllows you to check if your company replaces TLS certificates of sites you visit
 TOR Authorities listList of TOR authorities from the current source code in case you need them
 Text QR generatorA QR code generator, that can output in text form rather than image only
 Text to Image converterConverts text files of almost any encoding into images
 Unicode browserAllows you to browse the Unicode character space
 VBA unlockerUnlocks the VBA password of almost all Microsoft Office documents
 VBS decrypterThis encrypts and decrypts VBS and VBE scripts
 More servicesMore services on the master system.
All services operate independently, you won't find a link back to this overview.