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Use this output, if the font is monospaced. You can test this by checking if WWWWW has the same Length as IIIII.

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Sans serif


Use this output, if the font is variable spaced. You can test this by checking if WWWWW is longer than IIIII.

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Can be used to test your QR code scanner app if it won't scan the text result.



This website allows you to generate QR codes that are made up of unicode characters rather than being one big image.

Note: QR codes are not supposed to be rendered as text. Always scan the codes yourself before publishing them to ensure they work. You can either use a web service for this or one of many free apps. We provide a reference rendering of your code in the "Image" tab.

Add Border option

QR codes require a zone around them that is "somewhat" the same color as the background. This option will add the border to your code. This uses a lot of text, so if you have a tight limit or if the destination where this is used has already enough space around your code, you can disable it.

Double size option

A QR code should be a square. Since text symbols are approximately double as tall as they are wide, we recommend you double all chars with this option. Disable it if you experience rather tight size constraints.

Warning: Your code will only work with apps that use a rather good QR decoder if you disable this option. In our tests, the QR Droid application (see note above) will only scan the code if the engine is switched to "ZXing" in the settings.
Note: This option will also change the image output too but properly scales it vertically too.

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