Converts text files to images and allows uploading to imgur. The primary use is for NFO files with ASCII art in them but it supports almost all encodings.

Input File

You can also drag a file anywhere onto this page
Maximum allowed text dimensions (in chars): 2000x2000
Unless you know what you do, leave this the way it is.


This will swap the text and background colors, including the transparency flag if set.

This will upload the image to imgur and display the image link and removal link.
If you want to remove a previously converted image, click here

We do not store your image or text on our server. We generate and store everything in memory only. There is never a temporary file saved anywhere and we are not able to restore your data if you lose it. This includes imgur URLs if you decide to upload the images.
About this site and encodings (Warning, probably inacurate history lession ahead)